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Easy Backup & Restore


★ The easiest data backup tool on android! ★Easily backup and restore apps, sms, mms, call log, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contact found on your Android phone. Create backups to SD Card, Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive or Box account. Create backup manually or schedule automatic backups.
☆ Features:
● BACKUP AND RESTORE ✓ SMS ✓ MMS ✓ Call log ✓ Calendar ✓ Bookmarks ✓ Dictionary ✓ Contact ✓ Apps
● Backup and Restore to/from ✓ SD Card ✓ Gmail ✓ Dropbox ✓ Google Drive ✓ OneDrive ✓ Box
● Schedule automatic backups or manually create backups ● View backup contents ● Email a backup contents ● Backup apps to SD card, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box ● Backup & restore app's data (need root) ● Batch restore apps (need root)
Your Sms, Mms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary and Contact data are stored in CSV, eml and VCF file format:
Sms, Call log, Calendar, Bookmarks, Dictionary --> CSV file formatMms --> eml file formatContact --> VCF file format
Backup consists of those files that are inside a zip archive and you can easily read those files in your phone or computer!If your phone has inbuilt storage, the default backup location will probably be the internal storage card and not the external. This is because the phone reports the storage that way.Translations:- Italian - Thanks to Iancilos- Turkish - Thanks to 3mrullah- German - Thanks to Markus Geißler (Goasler)- French - Thanks to Tofe62- Persian - Thanks to H4M3D-PersianGulf- Russian - Thanks to Вадим Пай- Danish - Thanks to bananclaus- Chinese - Thanks to Zack- Spanish - Thanks to Ronoel- Portuguese - Thanks to BmlProds
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